Trader Joe's Is Recalling 2 Of Its Cookies

Due to contamination, Trader Joe's is recalling two popular cookies, so check your pantry if you like them.

On July 21, Trader Joe's posted on their website that these two products may contain rocks. Dark Chocolate Chunk and Almond Cookies, as well as Almond Windmill Cookies.

The sell-by date for Almond Windmill Cookies with SKU # 98744 is October 19-21. The sell-by date for SKU# 82752 Dark Chocolate Chunk and Almond Cookies is October 17-21.

These cookies should be thrown away or returned to Trader Joe's for a full refund. These items were deleted from the store.

If you have any questions or believe you may have consumed these items, please contact Trader Joe's Customer Relations at (626) 599-3817 or via email.

Almond harvesting rocks can infiltrate into packed meals, forcing recalls.

Almonds are mechanically plucked and collected from trees. They can be gathered along with pebbles, sticks, and other debris.

If foreign materials are not taken away, they may wind up in packaged products. Both recalled items contain almonds, but Trader Joe's has not stated why.

The small rocks in these products will most likely pass through your system unnoticed.

If you are experiencing pain or difficulty swallowing, the item may be obstructing your digestive tract. Consult a doctor if you have any health concerns.