Israeli singer Facing boycott calls at Eurovision

Who is Eden Golan?

Golan, born in Israel and raised in Russia, has received death threats ahead of      her Eurovision performances.

Eden Golan, a 20-year-old Israeli solo singer, qualified for Eurovision with her song "Hurricane."

Despite her young age, Golan has already made waves in the music industry with her dynamic stage presence.

Known for her resilience and determination, Golan has overcome challenges to pursue her passion for music.

Golan's journey as a singer has taken her from her homeland in Israel to international stages such as Eurovision.

Golan's participation in Eurovision amidst political turmoil has placed her in the spotlight, facing both praise and criticism.

Despite facing backlash and threats, Golan remains steadfast in her commitment to her music and her country.

She arrived in Malmo wearing a yellow pin in support of the release of Hamas hostages.

She acknowledges the protests but remains committed to delivering her performance.

Golan views her performance as an opportunity to evoke emotions and connect with the audience.

Golan emphasized her determination not to let anything deter her from her mission.